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Certifications and Diplomas


Graduates of the Hypnotherapist Certification Program and the Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification Program through Hypnotherapy Institute are eligible for the following certifications by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E.):

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

The A.C.H.E. is the largest hypnotherapy certification agency in the United States, and has the highest educational standards of any major hypnotherapy organization.

The A.C.H.E. is the only hypnotherapy certifying agency that requires its approved achools to be state-licensed, and requires the schools to submit their curriculums for approval in order to verify that the significant educational requirements for its members will be met.

The A.C.H.E. is approved for liability insurance for hypnotherapy with the American Proessional Agency, which is the primary professional liability insurance carrier in the United States for licensed psychologists, marriage counselors and social workers.

Requirements for certification by the A.C.H.E. are the following for graduates of Hypnotherapy Institute:

Complete and pass the course instruction

Pass the A.C.H.E. written exam - to be arranged with instructor

Pay $175 fee to A.C.H.E., which includes

         $75 per year certification fee for two years, and a

         $25 one-time application/examination fee.

Following is the link to the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners' website.



Certificates of Completion

Certifications of Completion are awarded by the Hypnotherapy Institute for each course completed.



Diplomas are awarded by the Hypnotherapy Institute upon completion of the Basic Hypnosis Training, the Hypnotherapist Certification Program, and the Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification Program.