Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that peace of mind is an inside job.  It is not to be found from outside of ourselves.  No one can give it to us.  We must find it within ourselves.We believe that if a person has a 'problem,' this person is ultimately the only one who holds the appropriate 'answer' within their subconscious mind.  We also believe that a person is more than the content of their experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.  Therefore, rather than assume that the hypnotherapist (or anyone else) has the remedy to another person's problems, we train the hypnotherapist to assist the client in exploring the faulty core beliefs within their subconscious mind that are currently governing their responses to life, and then accessing their inner resources in order to recover their authentic selves.

Further, we believe that it is inappropriate to expect a client to explore something we are not willing to explore ourselves, so we provide students with the opportunity to do their own 'inner work' during their lessons, while they are learning to assist others in accessing their power within.