Professional Training

Our professional training provides you with step-by-step instructions and the skills needed in order to become an effective and successful certified hypnotherapist.

We begin with the basics of hypnosis and trance induction; teach you effective counselling skills that allow you to build rapport with your clients; teach you various interactive hypnotherapy techniques that help clients tap into their own inner resources that allow them to deal with their fears, self-esteem and other issues for which they have sought help from a hypnotherapist; and finally, offer instruction on how to build a hypnotherapy practice.

Our professional training is offered in four different venues: 

Basic Hypnosis Training – How to induce trance, formulate and deliver post-hypnotic suggestions, and effectively return  from trance state.

Hypnotherapist Training – Comprehensive training that leads to professional Hypnotherapist certification.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Training – Above comprehensive training with additional coursework that leads to professional Clinical Hypnotherapist certification.  Coursework is chosen from various elective courses.

Individual Customized Hypnotherapy Training for Professionals – Hypnotherapy training for professionals already in the field of counselling, therapy, and/or hypnotherapy, customized to meet the needs of the individual.