Our Instruction

Our instruction includes written material, demonstration videos, and exercises for each class offered.  One-on-one mentoring is available through email, snail mail, and/or telephone.

Weekly teleconferences and/or podcasts will also be offered.

Our instruction embodies the works of a multitude of teachers and practitioners who have worked in the field of hypnotherapy and other related fields.  Some of these are as follows:

Roberto Assagioli

Founder of Psychosynthesis, a process of personal growth that helps us identify and access the vast potential of our own inner resources that have previously been unrecognized and unused.  His goal for therapy is “to live as well as possible, and to look at oneself with a smile.”

Carl Jung

Considered to be the ‘father’ of humanistic and transpersonal psychology.

His most notable ideas include the concept of psychological archetypes, the collective unconscious and synchronicity.

Considered the process of individuation necessary for a person to become whole (a psychological process of integrating the conscious with the unconscious while still maintaining conscious autonomy.

Milton Erickson

Although an American psychiatrist, he was most famous as a hypnotherapist who taught that the unconscious mind has a positive intent, is creative, and generates solutions.

Maintained that trance is a common, everyday occurrence.

Maintained that direct, authoritarian suggestions were likely to be met with resistance by the subconscious mind, so he developed an approach that is permissive, accommodating, and indirect.

Became noted for his ability to “utilize” anything to help clients change, maintaining that any utilization leads to increasing trance depth.

John Bradshaw

Pioneered the concept of the “Inner Child” and brought the term “dysfunctional family” into the mainstream.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D

World-renowned expert in the mind/body connection.

Stephen Wolinsky

Founder of Quantum Psychology, trained in classical hypnosis, psychosynthesis, Ericksonian hypnosis, and transactional analysis.

David Quigley

Founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy which synthesizes techniques from many modern schools of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Psychology.

Carolyn Myss

Medical intuitive and mystic who assists people in identifying and interpreting their archetypal patterns and using archetypal insight for problem solving and creative expression.

Quote:  “The act of forgiving is the act of returning to present time.”