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In addition to the classes in our professional Hypnotherapist certification program, we offer many elective courses to choose from that will lead to professional Clinical Hypnotherapist certification, as well as satisfy the required continuing education credits needed to maintain certification status.

Following are the current elective classes offered by our institute:

     501: Counseling Skills– 16 units
Learn basic counseling techniques including attending behaviors, reflective and active listening, paraphrasing, building rapport, open and closed questions, specificity and probing questions, expressing empathy, gathering information, body language, "I" messages, blind spots, transference, countertransference, summarizing, suicide risk factors and assessments.

     502:  In-Depth Inner Child – 16 units
Learn various techniques to assist client through family-of-origin issues, even though they may be resistant to formal hypnotic induction.  In this very experiential class, you will learn how to help clients go back through each developmental stage of childhood and explore how core beliefs are formed.  You will learn enough in this class to facilitate your own group workshop.

     503:  Group Process – 16 units
Learn how to combine group process and hypnosis into your practice to create safe, yet dynamic groups where participants can process their issues.  You will learn how to be an effective facilitator.  Information is included on marketing your groups.  Group work is an excellent way to build a successful private therapy practice.

     504:  Relationships and Codependency – 16 units

Learn to help your clients access the ability to meet their own needs while breaking the romance and codependency cycles; Assist your clients in accessing and utilizing the subconscious ideal image of the perfect mate.

     505:  Alternative Hypnotherapy Techniques – 16 units
Learn techniques that particularly appeal to those with "new age" interests.  Take chakra clearing to a new level when combining it with hypnotherapy.  Assist clients in "reading their own cards" when combining hypnosis with the tarot cards.  Learn how to use Soul Cards to assist clients in accessing their own inner wisdom.

     506: Toolbox for the Therapist – 16 units
Learn to use the power of music therapy as a medium of communication, strategy for refocusing attention, and a method of evoking memories; Learn the powerful tool of art therapy to help your clients tap into their rich inner resources for understanding and healing, providing a visual explanation of what’s going on inside their minds and assisting in getting in touch with their feelings; Learn the medium of coloring therapy and the archetypal image of the mandala as an expression of the self; Learn a very powerful technique of dream therapy, utilizing clients’ dreams to provide clues to their conflicts, and the steps to working through the dreams toward resolution.  Learn how to utilize games and pictures to assist your client in self-discovery and resolving conflicts in their lives.

     507:  Blockbuster to Prosperity – 24 units
In this very experiential class, we will explore how the major blocks to abundant living operate in your life.  Learn how to release these blocks and transform lack consciousness into one of abundance, fulfillment and joy—true prosperity, which is your birthright. 

     508:  Pain Management and Pre-Op Clinical – 24 units
Learn techniques that allow the client’s body to communicate its needs to the client.  Learn techniques to help clients manage chronic pain.  Learn Pre-Op and Post-Op preparation for those scheduled for surgery.  Access the client’s natural ‘inner healer’ to be present and cooperating during and after surgery.  Learn techniques that help clients control their own autonomic nervous system.  Discover the emotional components and ‘lessons’ within the health issue.

  509: Hypnosis With Children – 16 units
This class is focused on specific hypnosis techniques to use with children and teenagers.  Learn appropriate hypnotherapeutic strategies for various developmental stages, and induction techniques that fit the personality and needs of the child. 

  601: Hypnotherapy Practice Practicum – 40 units
The Hypnotherapy Practice Practicum offers you the chance to get the support that you need to develop a successful private practice. It is a combination of individual study and supervised mentoring designed to cover both client services (sessions, preparation and paperwork) and business mechanics (marketing approaches, business plan, business cards, brochure, forms, etc.) You will be given 13 lessons and assignments (each new lesson is assigned  upon completion of the previous lesson). You will be establishing your practice throughout this practicum.

     605:  Case Studies Practicum – 16 units
A four-session supervision and training class designed for graduates.  Graduate must have four 1 ½-hour sessions with the same client.  Each session must be taped and submitted to instructor.  After each session, arrangements will be made to dialogue with instructor (either via telephone, email, or live chat).